21 November 2016

Winter's nudge


                 My semi-social (entirely on her terms) feral born kitty Moki, holding down this season's wood supply. Sadly, the last of her clowder. 

The weekend brought us a frosty preview of days ahead. Time for a winter bed. I'm not too handy with construction but a hefty plastic tub and a styrofoam shipping container suffice. The former stuffed within the latter when placed on a shelf (above the reach of raccoons) makes a pretty nice den. Insulated and secured in the window with a come-&-go-as-you-please outdoor flap.. even better.
Over the weekend Moki has given her approval. Once snuggled in for the night it's nonstop purring. 

Moki is becoming more at ease with our indoor noise and commotion although I doubt she'll ever get beyond her healthy distain for the dogs. She has comfort & freedom in both her social & wild worlds.

Wishing you Happy Holidays ahead. Be well and stay warm. 

09 November 2016

Mourning in America

I'm only glad my WWII veteran father didn't live to see America elect a fascist president.

28 June 2016

A New Webpage

Listed on Etsy

After considerable head scratching & choice words, I've managed to fumble my way through to producing a basic yet functional webpage. I've moved a few items from Etsy and added a few more. I will be listing items there separate from Etsy so please have a look now and again.  

I also have a stash of fossil walrus ivory procured from Kim (Numinosity beads) ages ago. It will be nice to have an outlet where I may sell some fossil carvings. New pieces to the webpage are this moth I've created using keum-boo on fine silver, sterling silver, pewter and brass. Here's the beginning idea -

and the finished piece done with repousse & I guess 'gouging' might actually best describe the creation of the drawn bits -

I also have listed another pair of bird with coral berry earrings & tribal dangles.

My neighbors have been busy making more neighbors.
This family comes by every year for assistance & a safe harbor for their new kits. Always glad to help them out. 

A chance meeting one morning between this box turtle who stopped briefly in it's trudge across the lawn & this rabbit.
Rabbit declined to race.

Thanks for stopping by the neglected blog.
Be well

19 May 2016

De-stash lots

For anyone interested....
I'm cleaning shop a bit and listing a bunch of de-stash on PipnMolly. Mounds of chain and other mixed hodge podge lots.